Hanna Dorpers K 1719
Sire:  Hanna Dorpers 1571 "Big Mack"
Dam:  Wilson Ranch 15149

HC 6 2581  RF090954
Sire:  Dell Dorpers 10071 "JoJo Junior"
Dam: HC 6 2258

Sire: Dell "Major" 120448
Dam: Dell "Nanna" 088095

"Bingo" Hanna Dorpers 1579
RF097441  4/2/2015
Sire: "Little Hulk" Powell Ranch 1443
Dam: 3C 452

Past Sires

"DK" Powell Ranch 3255
Sire: "Hulk" Powell Ranch 8024
Dam: Powell Ranch 0262

"Rambo" Powell Ranch 4629
Sire: Powell Ranch 3419
Grand Sire: "Juke" Dell Dorpers 1002
Dam: Powell Ranch 0264










Reference Sires

"Juke" Dell Dorpers 1002
D411 100002
Sire: Dell Dorpers “Hercules” 8014 (sire of famous Dell “Baby Doll III”)
Dam: Dell Dorpers 8202 by “John Dell “ALARM”

Dell Major
D411 120448
Embryo, half brother to Dell Baby Doll III
DOB: 9th September 2012
Classification: Type 5 (C4/T5)
Sire: Dell "JoJo Jnr 10071 (Sire of top priced ram $14000 on 2nd on Property Sale 2013)
Dam: Protea 5097 (Dam of the famous Dell "Baby Doll III")